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My name is Santhosh Kasi, I have been traveling the path of the traditional Indian yoga for over three decades and have had the opportunity to teach yoga at Ashrams and studios all over the globe - from India, Europe, Asia and United States of America. In my yogic journey i have had studied world renowned yoga institutes such as Sivananda Ashram, Kaivalyadham, S-VYASA in India. And i worked as a full time yoga teacher at Sivananda Ashram, neyyardam and uttarkashi in India (2003-05). My journey has lead me to establish Kasi Varkala Yoga Shala (in 2005). Our centre is situated in a peaceful and spiritual location in the majestic South India.

Our philosophy at Kasi Yoga is based around the notion that every individual is important!! Every soul is filled with divine power and the practice of Yoga helps to harness the eternal energy that dwells inside us all. Each day is the opportunity of a fresh beginning or self-purification. Modernity has birthed many distractions and impurities, these all affect the body and mind negatively - it is important to take action. If we neglect to understand this and fail to purify ourselves this negative energy will manifest and have an adverse affect on the physical and mental state. The ancient practice of yoga helps to cleanse and balance the mind and body & establish unity. Yoga is essential for every human being! It may be practiced by anyone regardless of age, sex or physical ability.

Kasi Yoga is a residential center for those who wish to deepen their practice in a calm, healing and peaceful environment. At the center you can learn yoga, meditation, mantras, yoga philosophy and its application in modern times.Our programs are made for rejuvenating and recharging every cells, body and mind with right environment and guidance. You will feel the inner connection with your body, mind, senses, thoughts, emotions in a pleasant way. We offer drop-in classes and short-term work shops (yoga and mediation) or the opportunity to study with experienced Yoga Masters to become an internationally certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga alliance 300 or 200 hours certified). Our primary focus is to demonstrate the traditional and authentic meaning of yoga practice thus providing a platform for you to achieve your divine nature and attain inner peace. To equip you with the knowledge and skills to implement Yoga into you everyday life and to connect to your higher-self.

Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga in the world. Hatha Yoga uses postures (asana) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) in combination with mental focus. It is the most ancient and traditional form of yoga. This training is suitable for beginner to advanced students.


Best Yoga Teacher Training with Traditional and Natural Environment

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Drop in class 90 minutes, daily 6.30 am, 8am and 4pm

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Building basic foundation in yoga Asana and Pranayama | Suitable for beginners

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