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  • August 23, 2017
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Mantras are the rhythms or impulses of the consciousness and they create vibrations in the mind and spirit that are very beneficial. The Sanskrit saying “Manana Trayate iti mantra”; translates into ‘Mantra saves individual from repetitiveness”. It is a known fact that repetitive thought is what causes worry and hence mantas are the ultimate tool which helps in freeing the mind from worries.

The benefits of Mantra and Meditation

1. Let go of your Neurosis 

Chanting lets us relieve ourselves from the excessive preoccupation with material concerns and our bodies. It delivers us from our intense fear of death and old age. Meditation can help us identify the timelessness of the soul, hence making one shed all the neurotic habits that no longer seem relevant. By awakening in us what is essential, our habit patterns get cleansed and a new awareness of our thoughts and actions occur. Just like a captain on the ship sets the sails to the wind to help move the boat smoothly, mantra and meditation help us steer our mind out of the storm and into clear waters.

2. Reduces depression and Anxiety 

By combining breathing, rhythm, and sound, mantras channel the flow of energy and regulate the imbalance of the brain hemispheres, contributing to the natural elimination of despair and fear- emotions that are the reason behind both the afflictions. By providing balance to the endocrine system and nervous system, not only are the hormone productions normalized but also the mood is enhanced and ultimately the quality of life is enhanced. 

3. It is very soothing. 

The Sanskrit word ‘Mantra’ is derived from ‘Man ‘which means mind and ‘Tra’ meaning projection. Chanting the mantra delivers our minds from the unrelenting habit of seeking for gratification and pleasures. Our dependency on these causes a fleeting sense of pleasure which ultimately leaves us with feelings of guilt and incompleteness- wishing we should never have started or lamented the loss.  

4. It is pleasureful for the soul

The pleasure that chanting creates, transcends the senses, taking us beyond time and space- soothing the soul in the most profound way possible.  The mantras perform the role of merging our finite identity with what is considered infinite, dissolving us ultimately. Our material needs are eliminated and we begin to experience the sweetness of surrender that meditation provides. 

5.  Increases Compassion

The first stages of meditation deliver our minds from the self-inflicted distress, ultimately arousing our true inner spirit. Hence it opens up the divine love within us, making us experience the unity of all kinds of life and increasing our capacity for compassion. Mantra and meditation help us live out of the material lives that is filled with animosity, pride, and evil. Individuals practicing meditation have also reported that chanting provides a direct connection to God. 

6.  Boosts Immunity

The hypothalamus- the control center of the brain regulates communication between the endocrine system and nervous system and regulates information throughout the entire body.  The happiness hormones- serotonin and dopamine that have a great impact on our mood, can be released during mantra and meditation exercises. 

7.  Breathing helps to adjust the rhythms of the body

Breathing- which is a key part of meditation, helps in adjusting not just the circadian rhythms but also the another lesser known rhythm.  The ultradian rhythms; which manages the smaller scale energy cycles that are a part of every day is also adjusted by mantra meditation. Because of the constant sensory overload that takes place due to modern technology and lives, the nervous system is overtaxed and these rhythms become unbalanced.  But by practicing mantra meditation, the repair begins within us. The positive effects meditation has on the parasympathetic nervous system which is the part of the nervous system that signals if everything is alright are numerous and the healing response gets triggered and all of it translates to a stronger and more powerful immune system. 

8.  It is completely free

Mantra meditation follows a very simple principle: it works if you do it! All that is needed is time and an open heart, which obviously is completely free! The benefits of mantra meditation cannot be established through intellect and reasoning. The true experience of it can only be gotten though faith, devotion and constant repetition. 

9.  It’s as easy as breathing

Though a lot of guides available online make it seem as difficult as by hearting complex lyrics or harmonies, mantra meditation is as easy as breathing. It can be done alone or in a group, can be soft or loud and is 100% effective as long as it is from the heart. Although for an enhanced effect, it is best to add eye focus as well as gentle hand mudra, which of course can be incorporated slowly. 

10.  Opens Intuition

By enunciating mantras, the tongue taps certain points of the mouth which sends signals to the hypothalamus, resulting in the regulation of chemical activity in all the different parts of the brain and body. 

Rhythm: By repeating the mantra, the beautiful patterns of the brain are encrypted into our brain. This in turn makes the unconscious mind conscious, the automatic actions turn into deliberate ones and of course the mindless ones become heartfelt. By repeating the mantra during meditation, the activity frees us from our need to rush to the end, our fixation of getting to the ‘destination’ as soon as we can. Through repetition, the mantra acts as a sort of cleansing agent- gently washing over us just like the waves of the ocean do. In a sense, we dissolve and ‘die’ because the ego within us has faded into the infinite and we never want to let go of that state. 

Projection: While articulating the mantra, the sound of the chant seems to originate from the navel point and then the sound goes on to stimulate the upper palate, but the vibration of the prana or life force is said to move the individual into the realm without boundary or ‘Anahat’. 

11.  It is empowering

In the Hindi religion and other related Dharmic traditions that practice mantra meditation regularly, a mantra can be found for every challenge and any kind of difficuly or illness. For example, according to the Tibetan tradition, the mantra: ‘Om Mane Padme Hum’ has been used for centuries to bring upon the blessings of compassion.  According to the Hindu tradition, the mantra : Om Gam Ganapataye Namah is chanted to Ganesha, the elephant headed God, to help remove any obstacles in ones’ life. 

12.  Increases Radiance from within

Our thoughts have the power to affect our mood, attitude and general tenor to a great extent. They are like silent sounds but sounds are electromagnetic vibrations and hence they will have an effect on us. The more refine the thoughts, the better will be the vibration and the elevated vibration will lead to us unlocking our divine nature. Sound is one of the key elements of the universe and the universe was built on vibrations. By creating a certain combination of sounds, we can tune into various levels of consciousness or intelligence. Hence mantra meditation is a conscious way of controlling our mood and in turn the internal frequency and increasing the radiance from within.